About 31 Women

31 Women is an Heir Force Ministry for Christian women. We serve our community through media mission outreach and support. We live and serve in ministry according to Proverbs 31:10-31, restoring teen girls and women of all ages to a joyful relationship with Christ, each other, and themselves. « read more

Call to Worship is an online infinity conference. People of faith from around the world will gather online to close out 2021 and begin 2022 in consecration and spiritual revival. « read more

      Fast Forward Devotional Journal

      This journal includes 31 days of breakthrough devotions, life lessons, and more to support your purposeful consecration and minister revival to your soul. So go ahead, give God praise for what He has already done, what He is working on right now, and for what He is going to do as you fast forward. « start reading

      365 Seeds of Promise
      The TENTH

      TENTH – Day 3

      Today we will learn how to wait with purpose. We will not let precious time waste away, although we are standing still in the faith. Let’s learn how to keep faith when God says, “Wait.”

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      TENTH – Day 2

      Now that you are available to spend some time with God every day, today we will discover the Biblical watchman and what is required to achieve more than nothing. Why would we look at a zero…

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      TENTH – Day 1

      Good Morning Father! Good Morning Jesus! Good Morning Holy Spirit! Good morning friends! I am currently writing a devotional called, “The Tenth” (the name may change…

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