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GSyndicates Media

“GSyndicates Media is a creative powerhouse. When you plug in, your vision gets brighter!”

Shenica R. Graham – Founder, GSyndicates

GSyndicates Media is your intelligent choice for content that engages. Our extensive writing and project design experience spanning two decades, allows us to create the marketing P3 – “Products, Paraphernalia, and Publications.” Our inventive, yet precise knack for design and lexicography will present your products and services in images and words that invite readers to do more than browse: words and images that invite them to take action in supporting your projects and events with sales.

We are an online design firm owned and operated by Shenica R. Graham as a division of GSyndicates, LLC. We provide a variety of quality services for businesses and individuals.

We provide a variety of quality design services for businesses and individuals. Available projects include copywriting, web design and development, graphics design, social media management, website and social network branding, and project management.

We moved! GSyndicates Media is now working from gsyndicatesmedia.com.

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