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Featured Business Checklist

If you have received a confirmation of ON THE COVER and extended feature scheduling for your business, GSyndicates has #StyleLove for your products and your story. Therefore, we would like to feature your business on an upcoming COVER of GSyndicates Magazine to add to our impressive 2021 lineup of Midwest fashionistas. We will celebrate your business for the entire month in which your editorial and cover feature are scheduled. Coverage will include promotional ads and a growing feature spread.

Please complete all of the following tasks as soon as possible in preparation for a spectacular cover and editorial spread:

How Our “Growing Editorial Spread” Works

Rather than printing the entire editorial spread at once as with a traditional magazine, our online format affords us the flexibility to provide fresh content throughout each season. This unique approach to our fashion coverage sets GSyndicates Magazine apart from our competitors. We also have several Ad options available to meet your marketing needs. View Ad pricing and details. We are excited that you will be joining us for #fashionfun in 2021! Congratulations!

What We Need From You

We would like your help to make your COVER photo and extended editorial feature a successful marketing and promotional tool. We have slated your business for a future cover feature in 2021 in order to allow ample planning, layout, and promotional time before your GSyndicates Magazine début. We thank you in advance for your prompt cooperation.

Editorial Content

An exclusive ON THE COVER feature in GSyndicates Magazine includes the following editorial features:

  • Your Business ON THE COVER of GSyndicates Magazine. An upscale fashion photo or situational image (an image with striking poses and or the appearance of motion captured in the photo) that will become the cover photo.
  • Multiple Page Editorial. Each page in the group of editorial pages dedicated to the cover story will continue the editorial content from the first page of the extended feature. Text will be illustrated from page to page with images, video, and the various other elements listed in this document.
  • 1 to 2 Product Styling Pages. You will showcase one or two suggested ensembles from your own apparel and accessories to feature a head to toe look. Details for each included item should include the item name and description, designer name(s), pricing, and where to buy the pieces in your display. The layout should be produced as if it would be on an 8 ½” by 11” “What to Wear” magazine page. We may change the layout to fit our pages. In addition to the sample layout, submit all source files including individual product images.
  • 1 to 2 Page Portfolio. In a one to two page spread, feature the very best of products from your business. Show what you can do with the tools of your trade. The layout should be produced as if it would be on an 8 ½” by 11” magazine feature page. We may change the layout to fit our pages. In addition to the sample layout, submit all source files including individual product images.
  • Get to Know Your Business. Describe yourself and your fabulous brand as the trendsetter that you are. Tell your beautiful story of beginnings, progress, and where you are today, plus goals and vision for the future. Who are your ideal customers, sponsors, and partners?
  • Calendar of Events. If you have upcoming events that will take place after your cover and extended feature are published, this is a great opportunity to get some free press and hopefully boost your ticket sales before your #FashionFun begins! If you book your calendar in advance as HM does, you can submit up to a full year event list, and it will be published in the final page(s) of your editorial spread.
  • Business Tips, Tools, and Advice. Help aspiring fashion entrepreneurs by offering tips, tools, and or advice about what worked for you, what did not work, how to avoid pitfalls, where to find the best tools of your craft (if that will not give away any trade secrets), etc.
  • Banner Ad. To encourage our readers to check out your  extended feature pages, HM will host a prominently placed banner with an image and brief one-line statement or motto promoting your business. This massive Ad will be linked to your official website. This high visibility banner displays at the top right of the gsyndicates.com homepage, above all other content.
  • Featured Video(s). Up to three videos featuring your business – including interviews, commercials, promotional testimonials, fashion show footage, or other event coverage for inclusion in our YouTube

Image and Video Content

To provide content direction and permissions coverage, please complete the online Featured Business Survey and the Media Release forms. Finally, please submit high resolution photos and high definition videos for inclusion in your extended feature. Be sure to include up to 3 image options for a great selection as your cover photo, and as many additional photos as you might like to see in the extended feature. However, HM will choose which photos to include, and may use them all, so choose well.

Suggestions for video content includes an interview with your organizational leader(s) about how the business got started and current projects, recent fashion shows an other events or productions featuring your products, and How-To videos including stylish instructions on what to pair with specific pieces from your collection(s). Other videos may also be considered.

REMEMBER: No images or videos with nudity or defamatory content of any kind will be accepted. All images and video should be high resolution and high definition for optimum production. Please also provide the requested media release and other documentation required covering all submissions to authorize HM’s use of the media and related submissions.

Thank you for your time and efforts.
We look forward to sharing your #StyleLove @GSyndicates.

Yours in Fashion,

The GSyndicates Team
gsyndicates.com | facebook.com/gsyndicates

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