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Inside The Fast Track

For the first three days of the Fast Track, you will not be fasting. You will be learning to prepare and eat healthy foods, count calories, and discipline your eating habits and taste buds conducive to more healthy habits for today and every day.

You will read the daily devotionals, complete the included activities, and add to your journal (or blog, or vlog) entries, according to the daily agenda. You will also allow some time to participate in reasonable daily exercise.

Suggested daily meals during non-fasting hours will reflect the lifestyle you want to have, not necessarily the one you had before reading this book – this is true even if you are healthy and do not already fast regularly.

This book is published by Heir Force University Press.

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PART I: The Fast Track

An Introduction to Fasting

3 And the tempter came and said to Him, If You are God’s Son, command these stones to be made [loaves of] bread. 4 But He replied, It has been written, Man shall not live and be upheld and sustained by bread alone, but by every word that comes forth from the mouth of God. Matthew 4:3-4 AMP

Fasting is simply, “choosing for a set time to do without something that is difficult to do without, such as food [or a smartphone in today’s Western society]. This “sacrifice” allows you to spend that [chosen] time in consecrated prayer. It also ensures that this area of your life is not obstructing your relationship with the Lord” (White, 2006) [4]. The body is a temple for the breath of life with which you have been filled (a living soul). It is to be cleaned and maintained to allow unencumbered spiritual communion with your Creator. Without His divine manna, weakness follows.

Fasting is a discipline in which you train your body to be in subjection to the Holy Spirit within you, who consecrates your spirit. This connection is made by faith. Consecration fasting is more than skipping meals. It is a period in which you take the time that you would normally spend eating, and devote yourself to worshipping God and developing your spiritual maturity. This includes cultivating the habits of prayer, Bible study, listening, watching, and waiting for divine instruction.

Whether this is your first fasting experience, or if fasting is a regular part of your lifestyle, I recommend a reader-friendly book entitled, Fasting Made Simple by Pastor Paula White (which was given to me by a spiritual father), as a preliminary introduction to some very key elements about the Biblical practice of fasting. The author of Fasting Made Simple has also delivered some excellent LIVE teaching on fasting, which I recommend for your hearing and is available from her ministry. Remember that it is for you to determine with your own physician and with the LORD, whether or not and how to implement fasting in your life, if at all.

Fasting is a tool to crucify carnal (fleshly) thoughts and actions, and bridle the mind and body to reverence God and allow His way to be the focus of your will in every area of life. Fasting denies the fleshly nature of things that it wants so that you can give precedence to nourishing the spirit. Satan appeals to the carnal mind, which is sense and reason without the Holy Spirit. Therefore, the carnal mind cannot fully rebuke him. It relates to and will side with him if left untamed.

When you fast, you abstain from some form of the repast, and from all physical gratifications (which includes martial sex – so some prior communication will be required (1 Corinthians 7:5)). However, fasting should never be used as a vice – such as to punish a spouse for not behaving in a manner that you requested.

There is no way to completely get around the Biblical practice of fasting so long as you desire a closer walk with God [*except in the case of health-related restrictions and doctor recommendations, etc.]. Fasting is a necessary process if you intend to do spiritual warfare, whether you recognize it or not. The importance of fasting is rooted in self-discipline. In fact, Jesus said that there are some demonic forces that will not be abated without the preparation of fasting and prayer.

Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting. Matthew 17:41

Perhaps you have a relatively easy-going daily life and do not feel that there is a specific opposition to your faith walk. Know that there is a spiritual realm beyond the sight of the natural eyes. If you do not notice it, it means that you are not a present threat, and or you are walking under the covering of someone else’s prayer and fasting. You may be under divine protection because a grandparent, or parent, or other person’s prayers for you when you lacked the wherewithal to pray for yourself.

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