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GSyndicates™ is launching another fashion staple to help you with everything from skin care to skinny jeans.

The full article will be available to premium subscribers on January 1, 2021.


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About GSyndicates™ Magazine

GSyndicates™ Magazine is your exclusive, premium source for fashion news and reviews directly from GSyndicates™ Founder and Designer, Shenica R. Graham. This digital fashion magazine is published quarterly in Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.

GSyndicates™ Magazine features virtual runway coverage and product releases from GSyndicates™ brands: GSBLACK, GSCA, GSIA, GSJEANS CO, GStyle™ Accessories, and GSNY.

NOTE: The Summer and Fall issues are special editions including more exclusive content to fill your fashion appetite. Subscriptions are available for single or multiple issues.

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Vault Issue (April 2014)

GSyndicates Magazine


GSNY (GSyndicates™ New York) is your fashion source for uptown style at a hometown price. read more

GSNY Butterfly Mini Shirt Front

Update your little black dress. The GSNY Butterfly Mini Shirt (above) is the long and short of comfortable style.

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when you buy GSyndicates.

is made in the U.S.A.

Image Credits:
Silhouettes by sattva

Flag by sharefaith of pexels.com

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