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Introduction to the
Fast Forward Devotional Journal

Chain Breaker Edition

The Fast Forward devotional is your guide to the 31-day Fast Forward Challenge. The experience is to discipline you with a series of devotionals and empowering messages to be used as your schedule permits. While following the order of the days will be an interesting, faith-building progression, if you need a particular topic to begin working in your life, by all means, get the tools you need and use the topics according to your spiritual maturity.

The definition of consecration is to set aside something for God’s use. There is no better time than the present to let God know that you want to be wholly in His will. Love Him with a pure heart. Whomever you are now, it is the culmination of many layers of existence. Do not fear the personal touch of the Master. Remember that tears cleanse the spirit. This stress reliever helps to prepare you for the next level.

Use what you can from the daily texts. Grow as much as you can in the Spirit. Maximize your daily walk by applying the daily concepts and tools to your present situations. Glean the various leadership principles and see how you can relate them to your everyday life. If you have a greatly flexible schedule, you might have more time to consume more spiritual food throughout the day.

The Fast Track is a 42-day, sample fasting regimen. It began as a 31-day program (in honor of the 31 Woman Ministry (based on the Proverbs 31 Woman)). It evolved into an even number of weeks. “Forty-two signifies a new, unified creation that is a process with components… This number is at the root of creation and affects our lives directly.” (Hillel ben David & Killian, 2015). The Fast Track program is organized into eight (8), forty-three (43) day cycles (excluding Saturdays), for a total of 344 training days, plus three intensive exam weeks (21 days), or a full 365 days of intensive programming. Since there are no Saturday activities, the program takes just over one year to complete.

There are 3 groups of 4 and 10 ((10 + 4 = 14 )(x3) = 42) days of personal introspection and development. The number four signifies completion or fullness. Four times ten is forty. “Forty represents the completion of a whole model or way of being, and when one passes the number forty, one leaves that mode of being behind and enters an entirely different level, he enters another world. One gets an entirely new mission when he turns forty” (Hillel ben David & Killian, 2015). The forty-second day signifies the start of a new journey in womanhood. The forty-third day is reserved for a formal graduation ceremony with family, friends, and community honoring those who complete the full fast track program.

The Fast Track is an exercise in bringing your body, mind, and spirit under subjection to your Creator. The health benefits are secondary, though pertinent. Lack of self-control in the area of eating has become an area of needed focus. For this cause, fasting is integrated as part of a total wellness plan including proper exercise and healthy eating habits. The Fast Track program is completed in three cycles of four days of meditative prayer, followed by ten days of intense training on a variety of topics and character development education.

Begin with week one and faithfully work your way through the daily consecration activities. If you already fast regularly, you may not need the gradual fasting introduction. However, you can still benefit from the practical and character development training program.

Please CONSULT YOUR LICENSED PHYSICIAN before beginning any fasting regimen. No promise of result is made. Your use of this plan is your consent that you are using it at your own risk. DO NOT BEGIN using this plan if you are not already healthy, or have not been prepared for this process through prayer and regular meals. Follow the instructions of your licensed physician, even if you are advised not to use this plan at any time. DO NOT use this plan during pregnancy, lactation, menstruation, or any time when your immune system may be compromised. STOP using this plan and consult your licensed physician if you experience any health problems.

Content Overview

This book is divided into four major parts according to the Fast Track introduced herein. Each part includes a strategic period of fasting in which you will focus on developing specific parts of your character, gifts, talents, and ministries.

Days 1 – 3. Three days of prayer, praise, worship, consecration, devotional learning and self-discovery, and discipline to cleanse the natural and spiritual pallette.

Days 4 – 24. Twenty-one days of prayer, praise, worship, consecration, devotional learning, reducing food portions and calories while increasing water intake and heart-healthy choices, preparing for a life of service to the Kingdom of God, your family, your community, and the world.

Days 25 – 30. Six days of prayer, praise, worship, consecration, devotional learning, and more. During this interval, you will gradually decrease your fasting hours, returning to a healthy daily meal plan.

Day 31. Congratulations, today is Graduation day! This will be one catalyst fasting, Fourth Watch prayer over your future in life and ministry.

The result of these intervals is turning a searchlight on self (not to judge others), to find anything that is unbecoming to a relationship with God. The purpose of this searching is not to leave you in a pang of unshakeable guilt. It is to remove any barriers that may be hindering you.

Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, Hebrews 12:1

Your daily learning includes exploring and praying about the manifestation of a Biblical precept and other key character verses in your life. These “teaching” texts will guide your spiritual development in personal consecration.

The specified daily reading and mind-renewing regimen may seem like a lot to do if you are not used to this lifestyle, or if you have a particularly busy schedule. Do you need to break down walls of resistance to change in order to achieve a closer relationship with God? While reading this guide, you may discover attitudes, beliefs, and habits that have been holding you back in various arenas, which you might not have realized before. Trust me, when you hunger and thirst after righteousness, it is something that will change your life; something that should not be put off for a “better” time. 

Each day concludes with a journal topic to help you reflect on principles and concepts presented in the corresponding day. Write your response/reaction to the journal topic.

A Recommendation…

Before continuing, make a commitment not to quit. You can follow the recommended pattern on these pages, or you can move forward at your own pace. Now, get ready to excel. Renew your mind. Refresh your spirit. Make every day count. I decree and declare that the grace, mercy, and power of God will be revealed like never before in your life.

I hear the chains falling!

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