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Shenica Graham, 2022
GSyndicates™ WorldWide Founder, Shenica R. Graham (2022)

Shenica R. Graham is the Founder / CEO of GSyndicates™ WorldWide (http://gsyndicates.com), a private, non-profit organization and ministry that collaborates with US and International organizations and businesses to address humanitarian issues in underdeveloped and industrialized communities “right here and around the world.”

Shenica is a creative powerhouse and sought-after mental health advocate. She is an avid online writer, graphic artist, recording artist, web and CSS designer, author, teacher, tutor, and multifaceted thinker.

Born in Long Beach, CA, Shenica has traveled the world including much of the U.S. and some parts of Europe. A prolific writer, her style speaks to the reader, empowering the overcoming spirit with a strong witness. Her music infuses the sound of grace, reaching the very souls of her listeners. You will know, “There must be a God somewhere.” A powerful voice, she has been called the Black Moses of her generation.

Shenica has a poignant testimony of a near 40 years wilderness journey. Through prodigal and near-death experiences, she spent a decade in and out of hospitals, trying to find purpose. With the leading of the Holy Spirit, she survived mental cancer (depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder) that persisted strongly from age six to age 42. Although she still has some symptoms, she says that her life has been miraculously changed by the Almighty God.

On October 9, 2021, Shenica founded Heir Force Ministries as a “re-mission.” When a cancer patient overcomes cancer, the faithful call it “deliverance.” The medical field calls it “remission.” The concept of “re-mission” is that once you are in physical remission, you should re-mission your life; in other words, it is an opportunity for you to “return to the mission” that was given to you before you ever had cancer.

Shenica holds two B.A. degrees and teaches online courses on a variety of topics ranging from faith to psychology. Shenica is a mental health services advocate, a prolific blogger, faith-based author, and an Indie recording artist. Shenica has several book manuscripts in progress and is the Creative Director of GSyndicates Media (http://gsyndicatesmedia.com), an online design firm. She currently advocates for public benefit projects aligned with the vision of GSyndicates™ WorldWide.

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