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This site was last updated Monday, April 12th, 2021.

ICC: Suggested Website Upgrades

The following is a list of suggested upgrades to the ICC website. This is not an exhaustive list. Other needs may be identified with further analysis.

Domain Hosting

  1. Transfer ICC domain to

New Content

  1. Directions (with street photos)
  2. Forms (see Forms category)
  3. Add images to all pages

CSS Styling

  1. Page layouts (different per main category)
  2. Color scheme (blue – green: blue in homage to current color, and green to represent new beginning and life force nourishment)


  1. Appointment Booking Form
  2. Donor Registration Form
  3. Event Ticket Registration Form
  4. Feedback – How are we doing? Please rate your counseling experience, etc.
  5. Internship Application Form
  6. Online Giving Form
  7. Job Application Form
  8. Resume Upload Form
  9. Volunteer Registration Form


  1. PayPal
  2. Shopify Online Store – sell T-shirts, hats, books, mugs, and other merchandise bearing the ICC logo. This is a painless way to support ICC fundraising.
  3. Souvenir Book – About how ICC was born and is now working over a dozen years.
  4. Entrepreneurial Success Book – Book by CEO, life story to date and experience in growing counseling center.

Logo / Header

  1. Update Logo (spell out ICC meaning)
  2. Change site header / banner to cover photo

Human Resources

  1. Post Job Openings on Indeed to get access to more applicants
  2. Post Job Openings on ICC Website
  3. Offer Internships in exchange for experience and job reference


  1. Page Headers / Cover images (changes on every page)
  2. Building and location photos
  3. Team Photos (could substitute avatars for privacy purposes).


All pages need to have updated content with pictures. Additionally, the following pages should be added / updated.

  1. Appointment Booking (enable clients to book in-person or online appointments)
  2. Blog – Post articles throughout the month (At the end of the month, simply combine posts and there you will have your eNewsletter (always a re-cap of the previous month – send to all clients and community friends).
  3. Calendar – for organizational dates with public access. Include link to request appointment (for in-person or online appointment).
  4. Contact – form, details, and map on same page per location. This is more convenient for the user. Include a link to directions for both I-235 to Enos and University street access. Include a link to directions for Ames location.
  5. Frequently Asked Questions – answers
  6. Feedback
  7. Internships
  8. Jobs

Social Media

  1. Have a minimum of the following accounts: Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Zoom
  2. Twitter updates displayed on website
  3. Small Facebook banner displayed on website
  4. Links to all social media pages in the header and footer


  1. CEO Introduction
  2. Service Promotional Videos – One introductory video per service
  3. Instructional Videos – How to procedural videos to accompany Quick Start publications
  4. Research
  • HIPPA Compliance
  • SEO
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