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About GSyndicates™ Fashions Brands

GSyndicates Founder, Shenica Graham on the cover of GSyndicates Magazine

“We have the look you’ve been looking for!”

Shenica R. Graham – Founder, GSyndicates

GSyndicates™ Fashions Brands include exclusive and private label products and services with a common style thread – a fashion and media syndicate designed by Shenica R. Graham.

On The Cover of GSyndicates Magazine (left):
SUPER Selfie MODEL, Renee (Shenica R. Graham)

The following brands are trademarks of GSyndicates™ Fashions.

  • GS Accessories
  • GSCA (GSyndicates™ California)
  • GSIA (GSyndicates™ Iowa)
  • GS Moxie (private label)
  • GSNY (GSyndicates™ New York)
  • GStyle by You
  • GSyndicates Black
  • GSyndicates Books
  • GSyndicates Bridal
  • GSyndicates Business
  • GSyndicates Classic
  • GSyndicates Home
  • GSyndicates Magazine
  • GSyndicates Media
  • GSyndicates Kidz
  • GSyndicates Swim
  • Hotline by GSyndicates
  • Intimates by GSyndicates
  • SkinE by GSyndicates
  • SteppIn by GSyndicates

GS Accessories

There are two categories of GS Accessories™. The first collection is handmade in the USA of unique and non-traditional materials that create stunning pieces to compliment your best looks. The second collection is private label.

GSyndicates Classic™

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GSyndicates™ Classic launched in 2013 with three subsidiaries: GSyndicates California (GSCA), GSyndicates Iowa (GSIA), and GSyndicates New York (GSNY). The brand was updated to the “Light” logo (at right) in 2021, although it is primarily a servicemark. The classic trademark shown above is still in use on upscale and fan-favorite products.

Our GSyndicates Classic brand is preserved as the first spin-off of GSIA, which grew up in Iowa, USA. Our expansion to the more universal GSyndicates brand, allowed us to remove the ceiling that limited us to local merchants. Today, GSyndicates is a fashion staple with over a dozen unique brands.

GSCA™ (GSyndicates™ California)

GSCA™ (GSyndicates™ California) is your year-round summer style maker. Add a splash of color, a pinch of flavor, and a taste of fun to your look whatever the weather.

GSIA™ (GSyndicates™ Iowa)

GSIA (GSyndicates™ Iowa) is the Official Designer of Haute Midwest Magazine and an exclusive House of Sherell brand. GSIA™ will get you ready for cool nights and winter getaways. Designs are inspired by a love of bold looks that capture the heart in breathtaking moments and fuse elements from East and West vogues.

GSIA™ was the first member of the GSyndicates™ Design group and made its debut at the House of Sherell Winter 2013 Fashion Show. Haute Midwest Magazine was launched the next day. GSyndicates™ Magazine is the next revolution of that publication.

With GSIA, there is a dress for every body – type, complementing versatile and lovable features of every woman. GSIA prides itself on designing for real women. Whether you are a size 0 or a double diva, GSIA is made for you.

GSIA Fusion

GSIA Fusion is an eclectic blend of fashion influences from various world cultures.


GSJEANS CO™ apparel is 100% American grown cotton jean fabrics made in the USA. Styles are bold enough for your fashion statement and hip enough to last. GSJEANS CO jean apparel is always in style. Take your look to the next level.

GSNY™ (GSyndicates™ New York)

GSNY™ (GSyndicates™ New York) is your fashion source for uptown style at a hometown price. GSNY™’s “Hotline” will get your heart pumping with fitness and wellness products to help you feel your best in everything that looks good on you. GSNY™ is inspired by comfort and classic lines.

Breathable fabrics complement lifestyles on the move. Convertible styles mean more mojo for your money. Whether you take to the catwalk, the office, or the shops on the avenue, you will look and feel great in GSNY™.

GStyle by You™

GStyle by You™ is a feature-rich fashion experience driven by your own personal style. You can customize your GStyle apparel and accessories to make them truly your own.

GSyndicates Black™

GSyndicates Black honors African American heritage and GSyndicates Founder, Shenica R. Graham. GSyndicates Black includes African American culture-inspired apparel, signature accessories including bags, shoes, and scarves, a jewelry line, a skincare line, a fragrance line, and so much more!

GSyndicates Books™

GSyndicates Bridal™

GSyndicates Business™

GSyndicates Home™

From pillows and cozy throws to comforters and shower curtains, GSyndicates Home is your source for practical homemaking designs with a high-fashion touch.

Now you can decorate anywhere in GStyle! « more

GSyndicates Media™

GSyndicates Kidz™

The heritage of GSyndicates™ is passed on from generation to generation. With GSyndicates Kidz, you can train up a style in the way it should go.

GSyndicates Swim™

GSyndicates Swim™ suits are built for all figures. Get smooth fabrics and slimming cuts in flattering designs. Our motto is, “A suit for every body.” That’s a suit for everybody!

Hotline™ by GSyndicates™

Intimates™ by GSyndicates™

GS Intimates™ by GSyndicates™ has everything you need for daywear comfort and nighttime elegance.

SkinE™ by GSyndicates™

Get the skinny on skin and access to world-class skincare and cosmetics.

SteppIn™ by GSyndicates™

STEPPiN’ by GSyndicates™ is for savvy people like you, who love what they do. Whether you’re stepping out for work or play, or the all too common hybrid –  since you love to mix, we’ll keep you stepping out in style. So go ahead and love every step.

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