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About GSyndicates™ Enterprises

GSyndicates Enterprises

GSyndicates™ Enterprises know the art of business. We are excellent by design.

Shenica R. Graham – Founder, GSyndicates™ Enterprises and GSyndicates™ WorldWide

GSyndicates™ Enterprises (pronounced “Jee Syndicates” Enterprises)(GSyndicates LLC) is an Iowa Limited Liability Company and the parent of a fashion and design business conglomerate including over twenty GSyndicates™ Businesses. We started with one fashion line, GSIA (GSyndicates of Iowa)(pronounced “Geisha”), in 2013. Today, GSyndicates™ is rising to the top of the Midwest Fashion-verse.

American Flag

GSyndicates™ Enterprises is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GSyndicates™ WorldWide, made in the USA. We maintain efforts to expand the presence of American-made products and services in global markets.

Our Specialty

Our specialty is “comfortable elegance, providing custom-tailored apparel and accessories designed to turn up the style in any wardrobe.” Our services comprise total image consulting. We have a helpful concierge for all of your fashion needs.

Our Mission & Vision

GSyndicates™ Enterprises is about building people through the power of fashion. It’s more than the clothes you wear. Our motto is, “The Art of Business. Excellent by Design.” We know the business of communication, and there is magic in our creativity. Our mission is helping people fashionably change lives including their own, by promoting a positive self-image – something that will never go out of style. Our vision is to own a substantial market share of the industries in which we work and do commerce.

Our Story

GSyndicates™ began as a “Made in the USA” project of fashion and couture artist, Shenica Renee Graham. She founded GSyndicates™ and Haute Midwest Magazine with Sponsor, House of Sherell, following her apparel and accessory designer début (a collection titled GSIA (GSyndicates Iowa)(pronounced Geisha) – now part of GSyndicates™ Fashions) at the House of Sherell Fashion Extravaganza on November 6, 2013. When our Founder realized the potential of several unique opportunities in the fashion arena, our name was changed to GSyndicates™ Enterprises and we became the umbrella corporation for all of the GSyndicates™ businesses.

Our Businesses

GSyndicates™ Fashions

GSyndicates™ Fashions is a mode forward style hybrid that combines ready-to-wear and custom tailoring to form a one-stop source for all of your fashion needs. » read more

GSyndicates™ Media is your intelligent choice for content that engages. We provide quality services for businesses and individuals including copywriting, CSS design… »

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