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GSyndicates Media does more than websites. We design apparel and accessories, create graphics, write creative copy, take interesting photos, and more!

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ICC Inc. Media Services Portal: Completed Projects List

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“GSyndicates Media is a creative powerhouse.
When you plug in, your vision gets brighter!”

Shenica R. Graham – Founder, GSyndicates

Completed ICC Projects

Date ReceivedProject Title / DescriptionProject StatusDate Completed
02-12-21ICC BHIS & Skill Development Brochure (full-color and grayscale)Complete04-19-21
Brochure re-design – insideUpdated 4-19-21
Brochure re-design – outsideUpdated 4-19-21
03-12-21ICC Behavioral Health Services (BHIS) Brochure (grayscale)Complete04-19-21
Convert full-color brochure to grayscale for office printingUpdated 4-19-21
03-12-21ICC General Information Brochure (grayscale)Updated 3-19-21 03-12-21
Convert full-color brochure to grayscale for office printing
02-12-21 ICC Behavioral Health Services (BHIS) Brochure (full-color)Complete03-12-21
Brochure re-design – outside Updated 4-19-21
Brochure re-design – insideUpdated 4-19-21
02-12-21ICC General Information Brochure (full color)Complete 03-12-21
Brochure re-design – outsideUpdated 3-19-21
Brochure re-design – inside Updated 3-12-21
01-29-21Edit Proposed ICC LogoComplete
Flip ICC logo tagline (vertical)
01-22-21ICC Website EvaluationComplete

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