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GStyle Community

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GStyle Community

The GStyle™ Community is important to the success of GSyndicates brands. Members share their fashion experience, photos, and style expertise with their family, friends, and social networks. Select GStyle™ customers are invited to become GStyle™ Experts.

GStyle Experts & Community Roles

GStyle Community Application

After reviewing the foregoing, join the GStyle™ Community on Facebook.

GStyle™ Community

GSyndicates™ apparel and accessories are designed by Founder / Owner / Designer Shenica Renee Graham, and through collaboration with GStyle Experts in the GS fashion community.

GStyle™ Shop Services

GStyle™ Shop Services enhance your image and fashion experience.

GStyle™ Concierge
GSyndicates Business Overview: GStyle Concierge

The GStyle™ Concierge is an image consultant and fashion advisor. She provides the GStyle™ Custom Fit Profile. Want to know more? Read the FAQs.

Use this form to request a consultation for your personal image makeover and or custom apparel including wedding garments and special occasion attire.

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