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Featured Business Survey

Thank you for your interest in being featured in GSyndicates Magazine online at gsyndicates.com. If your correspondence with us led you to this page, we have reviewed your site and would like to add your business to the Winter lineup of featured fashion designers and businesses.

If you are new to our site, Welcome! Please read the terms of participation and privacy policy. By submitting the form on this page, you affirm agreement to the terms and conditions.

Please complete this Featured Business Survey to confirm your marketing space at GSyndicates Magazine. In addition to posting a featured article, we will host your first ad at gsyndicates.com for just $5, for 30 days. Additional ads will be available thereafter at other affordable prices!

We look forward to sharing your #StyleLove @GSyndicates.

Yours in Fashion,

The GSyndicates Team
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Submit Your Featured Business Survey

Thank you for choosing GSyndicates Magazine online for all of your fashion news and event publishing needs. Please use the form below to submit your content and contact information. To add images to your document, submit high resolution photos and video files via dropbox to Shenica Graham. Read more about submissions.

Provide any and all relevant details that my be used if your business is selected for a featured business editorial. Please also submit a media release. If you have already received confirmation of ON THE COVER scheduling, please also complete the Featured Business Checklist. Thank you for your time.

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GSyndicates Magazine - Spring 2021

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NOTE: The Summer and Fall issues are special editions including more exclusive content to fill your fashion appetite!


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