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GSyndicates Media does more than websites. We design apparel and accessories, create graphics, write creative copy, take interesting photos, and more!

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“GSyndicates Media is a creative powerhouse,
when you plug in, your vision gets brighter.”

Shenica R. Graham – Founder, GSyndicates


The following proposal is for services to be performed by Shenica R. Graham, Web Designer, B.A., B.G.S. on behalf of GSyndicates Media (GSyndicates, LLC) and may not be used for any other purpose and or by any other person(s) without proper compensation to Shenica R. Graham and or GSyndicates, LLC. Violations may incur damages.

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This site was last updated Monday, April 12th, 2021.

Suggested Services


  • Write scripts for promotional videos.
  • Write website content

Email Marketing

  • Create and manage email marketing campaigns.
  • Write marketing emails referring recipients to ICC website.
  • Convert online ICC blog to eNewsletter at the end of every month, for email on the first of following month.

Publications – online and .PDF

  1. Monthly eNewsletter (sent via email to subscribers)
  2. ICC Quick Start Guide (how to do basic online procedures like schedule an appointment)
  3. Client Intake Manual with fillable forms


  • HIPPA Compliance
  • SEO

Social Media Management

  • Create social media presence where there is none (ex: If there is no LinkedIn page for ICC, create one.)
  • Ensure consistent branding across entire social network. Always link back to ICC homepage.
  • Monitor Social Media Streams and give proper responses (according to ICC policy) to inquiries.
  • Make a minimum of three posts per day to raise organizational visibility (i.e. Three posts that can be farmed to all social media sites – one post at three different times of the day (analyze when the most users are likely to see post and post within those windows)).
  • Create and track Facebook Ads.

Technical Writing

  • Convert paper based Client Intake Manual to online, fillable PDF forms.
  • Write and publish online staff policies and procedures manual.
  • Write and publish online ICC related help documents.
  • Write and publish online ICC newsletter as Managing Editor.
  • Write and publish online courses via Canvas for topics of your choice. Online courses are very good way to gather a social media following by providing information and engaging content.
  • Create digital timesheet to track web development hours.

Web Design & Ongoing Development

  • Create wireframes (layouts, for all site pages).
  • Create cascading style sheet (CSS)
  • Create color scheme.
  • Create coordinating graphics to enhance site aesthetics.
  • Provide photography and or source relevant photos.
  • Design landing pages.
  • Create interactive elements to engage visitors – such as polls, mind games, and psychology based quizzes (for information / entertainment only) such as for personality or career possibilities.
  • Write Web Content – flesh out pages that have small quantities of text.
  • Write and manage ICC blog as Webmaster.
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