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Vision . Seed . Go . Sow . Time . Work . Harvest .

And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with him, that we may be also glorified together. Romans 8:17

Heir Force Ministries
(Heir Force, Inc.) is an Iowa Non-Profit Corporation.

Our Work

We combine faith and digital communications to reach beyond the sanctuary with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We inspire the world community to pursue Godly purpose and ministry to the needs of others.

We help Christian pastors and leaders with grant-writing, event planning, documentation, publication, and media design to build more effective ministry tools. We also provide devotional products and services including books, music, courses, workshops, and more.

Our Foundation

The “Heir Force” is the united community of joint-heirs with Christ (Romans 8:17). Our foundational scriptures are Ephesians 6 (Put on the full armor of God) and Matthew 28 (GO, and Teach all nations).

Our Founder & Re-Mission

I am calling on those to whom the Holy Spirit has downloaded a message, a course, a podcast, a blog post, a video lesson, a sermon series, a how-to, a devotional, a business, a non-profit, a resource, a ministry, a song, a CD, a book, an e-book, a film script, a musical, an experience, a workshop, a retreat, a conference, a room, a church, an arena, etc…, to help reach the world through media missions (online outreach).

To God be the glory!

Who We Are & What We Do

Heir Force University Online is a media ministry of Heir Force Inc. It serves the world community as an institute of Christian studies providing educational products, programs, and services for students at every learning level including Elementary, Junior High School, High School, Undergraduate, Graduate, and Post-Graduate faith-based education.

We proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and inspire individuals, families, and communities to serve God through worship, witnessing, and ministry to the needs of others. We reach beyond the sanctuary, healing hearts and uplifting the souls of believers worldwide.

Our Story

  • 1995Heir Force Ministries is the evolution of a media mission started in 1995, called “Ask, Seek, and Knock” (“A.S.K.” based on Matthew 7:7), a youth outreach launched in 1995. This ministry sought to answer tough questions facing the youth it encountered, including broken homes, addictions, and teen pregnancy.

    ASK was memorialized in the song, “They Have A Savior,” written nearly a decade before it was ever recorded.

  • Revival Mission Church Without Borders

    2010 – A.S.K. evolved to serve as “Revival Mission Ministries” online.

  • WiSeekU

    2014 – RMM was revised as Wisdom Seekers Christian University Online (WiSeekU – “The Wise Seek U” Jeremiah 29:13).

    WiSeekU was a media missions project based on digital marketing and online Christian outreach. It promoted Bible scholarship and ministry leadership, teaching effective internet evangelism and offering devotionals on various topics.

  • 2021 – October 9th – four days before her 44th birthday, our Founder received a next-level vision for media missions, including merging her near 100 websites and other previously envisioned ministries into one mega-media ministry. With the revised vision, WiSeekU Online became Heir Force University Online (HFUO), now a Christian Media Ministry of Heir Force, Inc., an Iowa Non-Profit Corporation.

Our Mission

Our nearest predecessor in ministry, WiSeekU (The Wise Seek U) birthed Christian Media Missions (CCM), an effort to cover the web-verse with the influence of Christian media: and that is our mission today.


WiSeekU is now part of Heir Force Ministries. It continues to sponsor the Wisdom Seekers Bible Study hosted here.

Heir Force Ministries accomplishes its mission by the following purposes:

  • Providing a variety of ministry-focused programs and services;
  • Empowering students to grow where they are planted, through a non-traditional curriculum delivery method;
  • Offering courses, programs and services that meet students’ needs and prepare them from success in ministry roles; and
  • Guiding student development toward professionalism, business and ministry management, Biblical knowledge and Christian character.
Christian Media Missions - Since 1995

Heir Force University Online is a certified Christian Media Mission. The CMM logo indicates a strong Biblical foundation in evangelistic ministry for the digital generation.

The Heir Force Brand

May The Heir Force Be With You!

From our name to our daily walk, the Heir Force Brand is a power-packed example of how our faith is woven into everything we do.

The Heir Force Brand Explained

Heir Force Brand Infographic

Heir Force University Online is one of over fifty coming ministries based on our brand.

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