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About GSyndicates™ WorldWide

GSyndicates™ WorldWide

GSyndicates™ WorldWide (pronounced “Jee Syndicates” World Wide) is a private, non-profit organization and ministry of Graham Global Enterprises. We collaborate with US and International organizations and businesses to address humanitarian issues in underdeveloped and industrialized communities “right here and around the world.”

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In addition to our public benefit projects, our subsidiaries maintain efforts to expand the presence of American-made products and services in global markets.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to work with organizations and people in positions of authority, to bring about positive and needed policy and developmental changes in our community and the world. We aim to end food insufficiency, lack of clean water sources, and mental illness by addressing these humanitarian issues in underdeveloped and industrialized communities. We provide support including grant writing and human resources for public speaking, presentations, research, and writing needs. Our vision is for peace and wellness, worldwide.

For our non-profit purposes, our overhead costs are 100% covered by our for-profit subsidiaries.

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