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GStyle™ Image Consultant

Get the GStyle™ inside look to bring out your best and take your image to the next level. GStyle™ Concierge has the expertise of a custom tailor and a proven stylist with the tools to rebrand you without breaking the bank.

What You Will Learn

  • Your color palette / profile
  • How to coordinate your clothing and accessories
  • Proper etiquette
  • Proper body language
  • Effective communication
  • Personal presentation
  • Personal branding

Plus++ you’ll save more $$ when you purchase an exclusive GSyndicateswardrobe including custom apparel and accessories. Request a consultation today for your personal image makeover.

What is Image Consulting? (from Wikipedia)

Image consulting is more than a simple makeover. It is also about behaviour and communication. Image consulting is the professional process of evaluating the effect of a person’s appearance, behavior, and communication[1] on their professional image. [2] The field originated in when John T. Molloy published the book Dress for Success in the United States in 1975.[9] The book highlights how dressing and personal image affect personal and professional goal achievement. The book helped spread the “power dressing” concept.

What Does a GStyle™ Image Consultant Do? (from Wikipedia)

Image consultants are usually experts in marketing and fashion who they train their clients to improve their image for social events or to achieve certain goals.[3] Individuals and businesses can be clients of image consultants, although main clients remain executives and politicians.[4]

An image consultant’s primary focus is dressing, personal style, apparel and accessory buying, body language, and etiquette.[5] The image consultant guides the client through the process of evaluating their lifestyle and helping them change their body language and attire in order to improve the client’s image.[6][7]

Your GStyle™ Image Consultation will incorporate your:

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Meet Your GStyle™ Concierge

The GStyle™ Concierge is an image consultant and fashion advisor for GStyle™ Community members and customers.

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Get style tips from GSyndicates designers and the GStyle Community on our blog.

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The GStyle™ Color Analyst is an expert in color analysis.

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