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Greetings ICC CEO / President, Byron Jarret, Sr! Welcome to your new GSyndicates Media Services Portal. Everything you need to achieve your project goals is available here. This site allows you to view your documents and designs by Shenica R. Graham. From this site you can assign new projects, view current work and project archives, and request and approve project edits / updates.

You must have a valid password to access this site. Your portal access is only available with services from (GSyndicates Media) Shenica R. Graham and will expire if services are terminated.

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This site was last updated Saturday, March 28th, 2021.

ICC: Website Evaluation Report


The ICC website is your first impression. It can make the difference between a service call and a click away that never returns. To help you engage your website users and convert more visitors to clients, Shenica Graham of GSyndicates Media created this initial analysis. Your site was tested using industry standard evaluation tools. This document includes a summary of preliminary findings. Website design upgrades and other services are recommended and listed within this document. While our initial evaluation is thorough, this is not an exhaustive report. Our paid web development services include further evaluation by which other issues could be identified with further evaluation.

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In 2018, the Department of Justice (DOJ) deemed websites places of public accommodation. Consequently, these portals should comply with the ADA Title III. US courts refer to WCAG 2.1 AA as the accessibility standard (ACE). Based on preliminary testing, the overall accessibility status for the ICC website is “Non-Compliant.” Websites in this category may be subject to complaints and even lawsuits from site visitors because these sites do not accommodate users with disabilities. Non-Compliant means that your site does not meet requirements of the ADA (American Disabilities Act) & WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).

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Fresh vs Stale Content

Some of the information displayed on the ICC site is out of date. When a 2021 existing website has pages that clearly indicate the last update was several years ago, it can reduce the user’s confidence as he or she may transfer the “stale” impression from the website, to the actual business – thinking it will also be out of touch, or not still operating, even though he or she has not yet engaged with the business staff.

A blog is recommended to provide a steady flow of fresh content and give the feeling that the site is updated regularly. If site information does not change often, it should at minimum be reviewed quarterly, allowing the “Last Updated” citation to indicate a fairly recent review date, even if no changes were made. Feeds from social media pages are also a good way to deliver fresh content to your site. A full site upgrade including a review of every page on the site, should be conducted at least annually.

Ultimately, you want visitors to your website to either call or book an appointment online. Consequently, they should be presented with this call to action before anything else. The name of the counseling center can be less prominent on the webpage in exchange for a call to action that converts visitors into callers and bookers.

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Color Scheme

Accent colors should be used to highlight important information rather than as backgrounds that span the full page. Low-contrast color variations such as grey on blue, can make text difficult to read on screen.

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