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GSyndicates Hoodies

Must Have Hoodies of The Season

Weather The Winter to Spring With GSyndicates Classic Hoodies.

GSyndicates Hoodies

Premium Hoodies | Fabric Content: 80% cotton / 20% polyester.

Heather gray is 85% cotton / 15% rayon. Heather denim and charcoal gray are 60% cotton, 40% polyester.

Choose from a variety of styles and colors at gsyndicates.shop.

About The Designer: Shenica Graham is the Founder / Senior Designer of the GSyndicates Design Group. She launched her fashion career with a brief stint as a model, pageant queen, and recording artist, using selfies to promote her own designs. She debuted her first collection at a small Iowa fashion show in 2013. Her second collection is an exclusive feature in this edition of GSyndicates Magazine (launching 1/15/21).

GSyndicates Classic

The second foundation member of the GSyndicates Design Group, following the most fundamental GS trends. It began as a way to lift the design ceiling from the original brand, GSIA (GSyndicates Iowa), which catered to the Midwest vibe.

With GSyndicates Classic, the flavor of America opened up. This sparked GSCA (GSyndicates California) and GSNY (GSyndicates New York).

Instantly, the national fashion hubs came into play. Today, GSyndicates hosts over a dozen unique brands, each with its own flavor.

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