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“GSyndicates Media is a creative powerhouse.
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Shenica R. Graham – Founder, GSyndicates

Weekly Work Summary

The following work summary was submitted for the week of February 16 – 22, 2021.

Greetings Byron,

Since our last meeting was rescheduled, my status is the same. Here is a reminder:

Here is my progress update. I am:

  • Developing new brochure designs
  • Converting the intake packet to HTML for online filling

What I need from you is:

  • Access to VistaPrint in order to put the website and intake packet online.
  • I need to know if your VistaPrint service allows HTML, JavaScript, and CSS editing, and whether WordPress can be installed.


  • What you see when you log into your website account is what’s called, “WYSIWYG” (pronounced, “Wiz-E-Wig”) or, “What You See Is What You Get.” In order to implement complex form processing, such as will be required for the Client Intake Packet, I need access to JavaScript and HTML code – the opposite of WYSIWYG visual mode.
  • CSS styling is needed in order to insure the consistent look and feel of all pages across browsers – so visitors to your website see the same styling you see on your computer, whether they are using Chrome, Foxfire, Internet Explorer, or any other browser.
  • If code editing is not allowed on your VistaPrint site, I would suggest considering domain hosting with Bluehost (this is the service I use myself) (you should be able to point your domain name to a different hosting service).
  • Hosting with Bluehost would also allow you to use the world-class WordPress Content
    Management System – which automates many of the processes that I would otherwise have to
    code by hand. This will save a lot of time and allow me to do more for you in the allotted hours.

I will see you at the ICC office on Friday at 3 pm.

Thank you.
Shenica R, Graham
Web Designer
GSyndicates Media
(678) 790 – 2841
( )

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