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Shine: A Woman Of Purpose

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(Part 2)

To all my sisters in the wilderness, I speak a word for you: the SON will SHINE for you.

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If you have not discovered and learned to use your spiritual senses, they still have potential to work mightily (since God gives to every person a measure of faith [6]), yet your skill at wielding them may need practice in order to become strong and effective. Better sooner than later to begin exercising your spiritual senses under God’s divine direction. Still, if you have no unction to start exercising, as I did not in the wilderness, it could be a long journey. Now, is the time [to begin].

God wants you to trust Him without limiting His ability to work His good pleasure in giving you the kingdom. Fully relying on God requires filling yourself with living water that flows from His Holy Spirit. Do what it takes to protect your uplink to His infinite well that you may be able to drink freely and refresh your soul continually [7].

God is the ultimate creator. He can literally make something from nothing – the way he did when the earth was without form. His Spirit moved and He spoke, tapping into His infinite power, beginning with the word, “Let…” [8]. The word let can be used to express a strong desire, as when a person prays, “Let her be healed…” Let means to allow; to not prevent; to not forbid [9]. When God spoke into humanity, “Let us make man in our image…” [10], He secured your uplink to His infinite being. Though God need not begin with a ball of clay, or a canvas, or a piece of wood, He chose to begin a work in you; and He will complete it [11].Horizontal Rule / Light Gray


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