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Wisdom Keeper Courses


Biblical Wisdom Keepers is a Bible study book club and leadership program designed to identify and train Bible-based teachers, counselors and prayer warriors. The curriculum is centered on wisdom as principally gained through the book of Proverbs. R.M.C.U. offers 12 levels of training based on the Biblical Wisdom Keepers curriculum. The Biblical Wisdom Keepers courses are an extension of the Biblical Foundations curriculum.

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Biblical Wisdom Keepers Level 1

Biblical Wisdom Keepers Level 1a – 15 credits

Course ID Course Title Cr.
BWKL1001 About Biblical Wisdom Keepers 1
BWKL1002 Salvation for Personal Re-creation 1
BWKL1003 Putting on the whole armor of God 1
BWKL1004 Developing a habit of prayer 1
BWKL1005 Developing a “Running Praise” 1
BWKL1006 The Power of the Spoken Word 1
BWKL1007 Discovering and Stirring Up Your God-Given Gifts and   Talents 2
BWKL1008 Find a Need and Fill It 1
BWKL1009 The Master Student 1
BWKL1010 Establishing a Faith-Support System 1
BWKL1011 Understanding Your First Ministry 1
BWKL1012 Living on Purpose 1
BWKL1013 Contacting & Inviting 1
BWKL1014 Health & Wellness for Ministry 1

14 Courses  |  Credits = 


Biblical Wisdom Keepers: Level 1b – 15 credits

Course ID Course Title Cr.
BWKL1015 God’s Wealth Plan 1
BWKL1016 Sowing & Reaping 1
BWKL1017 The Fast Track 1
BWKL1018 Water Baptism 1
BWKL1019 The Baptism of The Holy Spirit 1
BWKL1020 The Power of Unity 1
BWKL1021 Living The Blessed Life 1
BWKL1023 The Magic of Thinking Big 1
BWKL1024 Introduction to Business 2
BWKL1025 The Power of Truth 1
BWJL1026 How to Choose a Mentor 1
BWKL1027 Shining in Darkness 1
BWKL1028 Online Ministry & Outreach 1

14 Courses  |  Credits   =  


Biblical Wisdom Keepers: Level 1c – 17 credits

Course ID Course Title Cr.
BWKL1029 Making Your Social NET Work! 1
BWKL1030 Appearance and Influence 1
BWKL1031 Practical Life Skills 1
BWKL1032 Master Mind Alliance 1
BWKL1033 Introduction to a Secondary Language 5
BWKL1034 Fruits of The Spirit 1
BWKL1035 Inter-Faith and Intercultural   Communication 1
BWKL1036 Introduction to Computers 3
BWKL1037 Introduction to Instructional Tools 1
BWKL1038 Receiving Ordinances 2

10   Courses  |  Credits   =  


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