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We Support The Produce Prescription Program

In January of 2022, our Founder (before our launch) was invited to participate with her son, in the commercial broadcast shown below, representing the Polk County Produce Prescription Program of Des Moines, Iowa, based on their being participants in the program where they met monthly with a dietitian and received free fruits and vegetables.

On Monday, January 7th, Shenica spoke to a distinguished audience during a U.S. Congressional Briefing on “how the private sector can advance nutrition security through Food as Medicine innovations.” The LIVE, Zoom event was co-hosted by Representatives McGovern and Walorski and was attended by over two hundred people. Later that day, the buzz was that a major news reporting venue was looking to do a story…

During her introduction regarding her experiences in the Produce Prescription Program, Shenica expressed her desire to build wells and gardens in Kenya. In a post-event blog comment, she said…

Yes, I had a bit of nerves that threatened to derail the message; but, ultimately I think it came across that the Produce Program was literally an answer to prayer. It helped me walk out the process of changing some habits. It provided a strategy to actually do what I had the faith to believe was possible.

Shenica R. Graham

Below is the intended message. Here is a link to the Facebook post from Broadlawns Medical Center: https://www.facebook.com/BroadlawnsMedicalCenter/posts/3190864014486190

Produce Rx Testimony - February 8, 2022

More information about the Produce Prescription Program can be found at:

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